EpicOne® is a cloud service that enables instant validation of IoT devices for frictionless experiences.

Hardware level security with Dynamic Cryptograms

EpicOne® patented technology ensures every transaction is secured at the hardware level via dynamically generated cryptograms. Cryptograms are pretokenized before ever leaving the IoT device enabling true end to end tokenization. All cryptograms expire in seconds so no matter where they are left behind they are useless to hackers and thieves.

How our clients use our services:

EpicOne® allows any gas station to set up a frictionless IoT payment ecosystem where customers drive up, gas up, and drive away with a seamless payments experience.


Casinos can outfit their entire hotel and gaming floor with the frictionless EpicOne® authentication and payments experience. Allowing guests to seamlessly enjoy playing and accessing hotel amenities.


Distributing access points throughout a themepark enables a frictionless park vacation experience. Payments at rides, concessions, and shops become painless enjoyable moments.


Enhance ships with the frictionless IoT experience for guests to seamlessly access amenities and streamline payments making spending a breeze. Enable an extra safe cruise liner experience by accounting for guests at all times.


Augment a stadium to give season ticket holders and attendees a seamless entrance experience along with frictionless payments at concession stands. Eliminate long lines and boost purchases with all vendors.

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Streamlined development experience.

Try the EpicOne® Payments API in terminal and see how quick frictionless IoT payments can be enabled.

curl https://api.epicone.com/v1/charge-crypt \
   -H "APIKEY: client_api_key_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2" \
   -d amount=2000 \
   -d currency=usd \
   -d crypt=K2D1LMO6AY2PMRJ2WO9H4QRT8V5EC6LM

An EpicPay™ enabled gambling table allows players to stay longer increasing cashless spend.

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